User Agreement

This User Agreement regulates the relations between BIFITY LIMITED, with its registration number in the British state register of companies 11155546, and the individual who uses the functionality of

To obtain access to the investment functionality of the website, the User needs to create a personal account. Creating it, he or she confirms his or her consent herewith, as well as with other published documents of the company.

The Company notifies that for the website systems to function correctly, some User’s personal data may be required. Its use is regulated by the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy.

Individuals who have reached full age and have a financially favorable social status are allowed to perform the investment activity on The User confirms that the funds used to pay the deposit account are accounted for in the tax system of the state of his or her current residence.

Highly profitable investment activity is associated with significant risks of losing funds in case of economic force majeure.

The security service of BITIFY LIMITED monitors the correct functioning of the protective functionality of the website and continuously monitors abusers’ suspicious and fraudulent actions. In case of detecting unfair Users, the company has the right to block the abusers’ accounts and prohibit the use of BITIFY by using technical or other methods.

The company has the predominant right to make a final decision in the discussions, disputes and conflicts between investors and representatives of BITIFY LIMITED, as well as by involving third parties.

BITIFY LIMITED reserves the right to entirely or partially change the text hereof at any time without sending an additional notice to Users.

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BITIFY LIMITED is a private limited liability company and is officially registered in the state register of UK companies under the registration number 11155546