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This Cookie Policy is a part of the Privacy Policy and specifies peculiarities of using cookie files by BITIFY LIMITED.

Cookie files are small files or fragments of data to identify the User, the system capacity to track a personal session, as well as to maintain the User’s individual configuration.

The technology of cookie files is important for the correct work of the investment functionality of That is why it is not recommended to manually turn off cookie reception in settings of the browser you use to enter

Some cookies may be found on the User’s device, even if he or she has entirely left until they are removed with the aid of the built-in functions of the used browser.

To exclude the interception or substitution of personal cookies containing confidential information about the User by third parties, the website safely transfers all data only through a reliably secured SSL connection.

BITIFY LIMITED reserves the right to entirely or partially change the text hereof at any time without sending an additional notice to Users.

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