Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates the processing of the private information obtained about the User by BITIFY LIMITED within this User Agreement.

This Privacy Policy is supplemented by the published Cookie Policy and Anti-Spam Policy documents that are equally covered by the below provisions unless expressly agreed to the contrary herein.

BITIFY LIMITED obtains some confidential information about every User that enables the website to work correctly. It includes any data provided personally by the User such as e-mail, financial accounts or wallet addresses in other payment systems, as well as technical data obtained during the interaction of the web server and the User's device, for example, the used IP address, web browser, devices and installed software.

The company has unlimited rights to process private information of individuals who visited the website Processing of private information is interpreted as the request, receipt, analysis, use, accounting, storage, updating and removal of any user data obtained.

The company never transfers, sells or otherwise distributes the confidential information of its investors and, moreover, actively and reliably protects it from theft or wiretap by third parties.

BITIFY LIMITED reserves the right to entirely or partially change the text hereof at any time without sending an additional notice to Users.

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BITIFY LIMITED is a private limited liability company and is officially registered in the state register of UK companies under the registration number 11155546