Anti-spam Policy

This Anti-Spam Policy is a document that officially demonstrates the attitude of BIFITY LIMITED to bulk mail-out and spam in instant messaging systems.

The obtained personal information about the User (email or other contact details) is protected hereby and cannot be used by the company to mail-out advertising or other messages unless it is directly related to the User’s investment activity or technical functionality of the website (automatic recovery procedure to log in the account and processing of inquiries by Technical Support Service).

Under no circumstances the Company shall transfer the Users’ contact details to any third parties under commercial or other conditions.

The company strictly abides hereto and controls every employee, including top managers and representatives of the company in terms of complying herewith.

BITIFY LIMITED reserves the right to partially or fully change the text hereof at any time without sending an additional notice to Users.

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BITIFY LIMITED is a private limited liability company and is officially registered in the state register of UK companies under the registration number 11155546